How to Gift Wrap Oddly Shaped Items

How to Gift Wrap Oddly Shaped Items

Not all gifts are conveniently rectangular. From circular objects like soccer balls, to wine bottles, to teddy bears, to little trinkets that just aren't square enough, sometimes gift-wrapping can present a challenge.The Following tips on how to wrap your oddly shaped gifts will make you an gift-wrap guru in no time.

1. Make Your Own Wrapping Paper "Gift Bag"

You can create an envelope or gift bag that'll fit any weirdly-shaped gift you may be planning to give this year. You just need medium-weight paper, tape, and scissors.

2. Try To Make It More Square

Use a stiff wrapping paper, creasing and smoothing as you go along the edges. Arm yourself with plenty of tape! To avoid tears, choose a thicker or sturdier wrap

3. Wrap It in Tissue Paper

For cylindrical gifts, a base layer of tissue paper can be your saving grace. When combined with a pretty paper, it's one of the neatest (as in, not messy) ways to wrap your to-go coffee mug or any other cylindrically-shaped gift. Don't forget to tie off the ends with ribbon.

A total upgrade on the just stick a bowon it wrapping job, cutely decorating the gift itself, such as turning soda or beer bottles into reindeer, is a great way to make an awkwardly shaped gift more festive without the headache of trying to wrap it.