WRAPAHOLIC is a sourcing company for gift wrapping paper with a group of person who are passionate in pattern design and handcraft.  Our paper products include wide variety of textures, beautiful printed patterns;  and associate with high quality ribbons & other wrapping ornaments 

  • We are recognized as top wrapping paper brand on Amazon with $10 million sales annually.
  • We will keep hunting for trendy gift wrapping paper. If you have fantastic design, you can also work with us, we will help you make it out. 


Our Concepts

 When your mission is to find a gift for your loved one, ours is to make sure the wrapping convey as much thoughtfulness, heartfelt and love as the gift inside. We care for the details.It's all about the little touches that make a gift wrap detailed and personal






 The Heart of WRAPAHOLIC 


Our people are the heart and soul of our little company.  We value candor, trust, hard work, and we strive to be as employee friendly as we can, offering full benefits and family-friendly environment.